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Center for Paper Art is located in Blokhus in North Jutland. The town is easily accessible by public transportation from nearby cities like Aalborg and Frederikshavn. If you go by car, you can park right outside in our large parking space, which also offers bus parking.

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A unique experience awaits you at the Centre for Paper Art in Blokhus. Associations, families, school classes, organizations, and friends on day trips will all have an exciting experience with us. We look forward to seeing you!

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Our café offers locally sourced food from quality suppliers. See more here.

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The Centre for Paper Art invites you to delve into the exciting world of paper art, buy exquisite paper products in the gift shop and enjoy locally sourced food in the café. The centre’s paper studio gives all visitors an opportunity to explore their creativity with paper material. To learn more about the experiences waiting for you, please click here.


When you step into the Centre for Paper Art, a whole new world will unfold before your eyes. A world of sensory perceptions that will change the way you see the fine, white material. Experience the core exhibition by Bit Vejle; the temporary exhibitions by high-profile Danish and international paper artists; as well as events and workshops.



Scissors for a Brush

Leave time behind, and step into the captivating and magical world of Bit Vejle, a Danish-Norwegian artist who cuts beautiful stories in paper. In our permanent exhibition, the world-renowned artist shows a wide selection of the many impressive works that she has created with her sewing scissors over the past 30 years.

Bit Vejle opened her first exhibition at the National Museum of Decorative Arts in Trondheim, Norway in 2008, and since then her works have been exhibited in prominent museums such as The National Museum in Stockholm, Victoria & Albert in London, Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle, To Day Art Museum in Beijing, and H.C. Andersen’s House in Odense. In addition to her many exhibitions, which have broken visitor records worldwide, Bit Vejle has collaborated with a vast number of exclusive brands. She has conducted commissioned work for the French fashion house Hermés, Hilton Hotels, Porsgrund Porcelain Factory, Nidaros Cathedral, Røros Tweed, and Georg Jensen.

Bit Vejle’s imagery is narrative and consists of beautiful motifs, but her artworks are more than delicate flowers and birds. In each cut, a unique story unfolds, inviting the spectator to interpret and reflect. Some confront deep seriousness, while others simply celebrate the joy in the small things. In several works, you will be able to spot Bit’s take on a modern heroin, Ballerina Bulldog. At first glance, she may appear to be but a tender ballerina. In reality she is powerful, as are her power tools, which she uses to make smart choices on her balancing act through life.

Psaligraphy is Greek and literally means the art of painting/drawing with scissors. The art form developed in China, where paper was invented, and spread via the Silk Road to the rest of the world during the 1300s. Psaligraphy is still a highly valued form of folk art in China, but in fact, Denmark also holds a strong position in paper cutting. This can be linked to H.C. Andersen, who in addition to his famous fairy tales also told stories with paper and scissors. And not least the ancient Danish tradition of the ‘Gaekkebrev’ – a form of binding letter with paper cuts and a riddle that people send to loved ones at Easter.

Psaligraphy is truly the epitome of slow art. A discipline of painstaking patience, which requires the artist’s utmost concentration. Each and every cut is carefully planned, and there is no room for error when your brush is a small pair of scissors and your canvas a delicate sheet of paper. This is part of what makes psaligraphy so fascinating. Observing a work of art that has been created over hundreds of hours and with an unbelievable amount of patience and concentration.

The artworks are accompanied by a specially-composed soundscape created with saxophone and scissors by Professor John Pål Inderberg and Henning Sommero. Lightning is by British lightning master Steven Laffoley-Edwards.

Scissors for a Brush is curated by Karen Kjærsgaard.

Scissors for a Brush

Permanent exhibition

Explore Bit Vejle’s magical paper cuttings, which have travelled the world to great acclaim.


Herman Coppus

Herman Coppus (b. 1955) is a graduate of Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts in the Netherlands. His visual works draw inspiration from modern artistic trends, such as constructivism and geometrical abstraction. He has developed his very own visual language, characterized by a clear focus on colour, rhythm, and light effects. Another characteristic is his perfectionist approach to the production of his artworks.

Herman Coppus

See how paper, geometry and colour fit together. Exhibition from 21.September 2018 – 3. March 2019.


Theresa Maria Jessing

21 September 2018–3 March 2019

Above Earth Below by Theresa Maria Jessing. Jessing is a trained illustrator who has had several books published; she is also a highly skilled and innovative craftswoman. Theresa is a trendsetter with the unique ability to communicate the meaningfulness of themes, such as ecological trends, slow living, and the inherent value of low material consumption – in short, she is endowed with the gift of giving pictorial form to the big questions that increasingly inspire and engage our times, and young people in particular.
Many visitors will already know Theresa, though for reasons entirely unrelated to paper art, as she is the wife of DR TV’s self-styled country bumpkin, the back-to basics farmer Frank Erichsen, whose life at Kastaniegården has been followed closely by viewers for the last 10 years.

In the Above Below Earth exhibition, Theresa creates a wondrous narrative world that will inspire young and old alike – a world in paper which shows an entirely new way of regarding the interplay between the human, the animal, and the natural worlds.



Theresa Maria Jessing

The exhibition Above Earth Below is made by Danish artist Theresa Jessing. The exhibition can be seen from 21. September 2018 – 3. March 2019.


Ballerina Bulldog Universe


The Ballerina Bulldog brings on her life’s journey a number of different power tools (inner strengths), which she produces and uses when in need of extra power. She finds her life power in her heart. The Bulldog is by far the Ballerina’s most important power tool. Hardly a beauty, the Bulldog has personality – and is faithful! The Bulldog thus symbolizes the need to be yourself and to be true to who you are.

The Ballerina Bulldog concept is depicted in 22 paper cuttings with the Ballerina Bulldog character in the title role.

It is no coincidence that Bit Vejle chose a ballerina as her lead character for this concept. The Ballerina was not cast because of her good looks – quite the opposite! She symbolizes what human beings can achieve when they apply themselves to the task. A ballerina has many, many years of extremely demanding and dedicated work ahead of her before she achieves the utmost in her art.

This concept is rooted in Søren Kierkegaard’s philosophy. Kierkegaard speaks of the path of life that we all walk (the Ballerina’s line). In the course of life, the path will sometimes divide into two. We are forced to stop, think deeply, and decide whether to turn left or to turn right. We must make a decision and continue along the life path we have chosen. And … the wonderful thing is that another fork will appear at another point in the road – offering us the chance to make a new and even wiser choice.


On her tightrope dance through life, the Ballerina Bulldog unpacks her power tools when faced with challenges that demand a solution. The power tools remind us that we all possess strong inner powers when we need them.


BULLDOG                                           Yelp when life bites, and be true to yourself.

KEY                                                         It is in your power to open up or lock away things in life.

HEART                                                   Put your whole heart into everything that you do.

DOVE                                                     Make peace with yourself and your neighbour.

BUMBLEBEE                                      If you want it badly enough, the impossible is possible.

POWER TOOL                                    You can move mountains.

MAGIC WAND                                  Create magic in your own life.

46664                                                  Forgive, as Nelson Mandela did.

HAND MIXER                                     Whip up the mood when it’s needed.

BUTTERFLY                                         You can always change.

SCISSORS                                            Use your creative powers.

CROWN                                               You are the queen of your own life. You define the laws and the rules for how your life should be lived.

HOURGLASS                                      Take care of the time you have – use it well.

DICE                                                       Dare take chances.

CAKE                                                      Remember to sweeten your life.

VIOLIN                                                  Listen and find your life’s melody.

ANCHOR                                              Never give up hope.

CROSS                                                   Believe in something larger than yourself.

FORK                                                     Eat wisely and take care of your body.

LOCK                                                     Solidarity and loyalty give strength.

REVOLVER                                          Aim at your goals.

WINGS                                                 Use your imagination to discover new possibilities.


Today’s children and young people are facing great demands – and many children and young people place unreasonably high demands on themselves. Such pressure can become so intense that serious problems may arise.

Figuratively speaking, the young generation find themselves on a difficult tightrope dance as they begin life. Every day, they must balance the massive requirements from the world around them, other’s ideals, and their own ideals, all of which are hard to live up to. They try to adapt and acquire the characteristics that they believe are expected from them. This means that they lose, or never get in contact with, their own unique, personal attributes and strengths. The result is unhappiness and, in the worst case, mental and physical illness.

Could it be that a role model in which they could mirror themselves might help? We need the Ballerina Bulldog on the field.

Like many children and young people, the Ballerina Bulldog can no longer stand to live up to all these intense demands. She has therefore decided to find her own way of balancing on her path through life. And she is happy to pass on her coping skills to other people.

The Ballerina Bulldog concept is here to bring joy to children and young people, to motivate them to become conscious of their inner strengths, and to inspire them to be the best version of themselves.

Ballerina Bulldog Universe

23 March – 9 September 2018

The story of the Ballerina Bulldog is based on the philosophy of Søren Kierkegaard. The exhibition shows the Ballerina Bulldog who, with the help of her power tools, takes responsibility for her tightrope dance through life.


Coming exhibitions


15th of March, 2019 – 8th of September, 2019:

Professor Qiao, CAFA, Beijing

Qiao Xiaoguang is both an academic professor and a recognized artist. For decades, he has explored the basis of modern art in traditional popular art. He is a Professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing, where he is also Director of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Centre. The Paper Dialogues is the result of an art project established in connection with the 60th anniversary in 2014 of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Norway and China. The exhibition premiered in Beijing, then travelled via Shanghai and Oslo to Trondheim and, most recently, to Jersey in the Channel Islands.


January at the Centre for Paper Art is dedicated to geck letters. The word geck comes from old German, meaning ”a tease”.
Students from Jammerbugt Municipality come to cut geck letters for our Easter exhibition (the exhibition is open until sankthans–Midsummer Day, 24th of June 2019).

Coming exhibitions

Every year in March and September, new exhibitions of paper art by Danish and international artists open.


Former Exhibitions

23 March- 9 September 2018

The charming Easter geck letters are an age-old tradition unique to Denmark. At the Centre for Paper Art, we celebrate this tradition!

The exhibition Geck letters to . . . allows you to experience a selection of historical geck letters from the collection of the Historical Museum of Northern Jutland. You will gain a truly special insight into our popular Easter tradition and its development over the centuries. In collaboration with Jammerbugt Municipality schools, we show geck letters cut by 5th-grade students. The word geck comes from old German, meaning ”a tease”.

The Danish geck letter tradition associated with Easter dates back to the 18th century. We cut and
compose a little letter in order to “play geck” with the receiver. If the receiver is unable to guess who the sender was, a chocolate egg or a kiss is owed.

A snowdrop
A summer fool
A bird without wings
A little friend who holds you dear
A loving greeting brings

23 March–9 September 2018

“The Centre for Paper Art in the Making” is a process exhibition showing the refitting of the old industrial building into an art centre.

In the spring and summer of 2018, the centre’s Current Gallery offers an insight into the transformation of the old industrial building into the Centre for Paper Art. This refitting was in the hands of the Danish main contractors Ambiente. Photos and time-lapse videos are among the exhibition’s exhibits.

Former Exhibitions

Descriptions of earlier exhibitions at Centre for Paper Art can be found here.


Each year, the Centre for Paper Art hosts several functions. We are also represented at events in Hune and nearby Blokhus. Sign up for our newssletter (currently only in Danish) to hear about coming events or follow us on Facebook, where events are regularly announced.

Christmas is a special time at the Centre for Paper Art. The cutting and folding of paper, followed by decorating it, are activities that many associate with Christmas. Come and see North Jutland’s most beautiful Christmas tree, make your own Christmas decorations in the Studio, buy stylish Christmas merchandise in the shop, and enjoy a few hours of Danish hygge with your loved ones.

Are you looking for the year’s most awesome New Year’s Eve hat? Come and make it yourself in our Paper Studio. We make Christmas crackers, New Year’s Eve decorations, and hats – another festive Danish tradition. All made from paper, of course!


In our café, you can enjoy a delicious array of refreshments and artistic taste sensations from local manufacturers. Try our sandwiches with locally sourced meats, cakes, or ice cream from Ryå.


Coffee, Guatemalan. From Nørre Snede Kafferisteri (35cl.) 35kr.
Coffee Ethiopian Sidamo. From Nørre Snede Kafferisteri (35cl.) 35 kr.
Tea, green, with Goji berries 35 kr.
Tea, black. Earl Grey, organic 35 kr.
Beer  from Skagen Bryghus (50 cl.) Various selections, see the bar 65 kr.
Sparkling water/with citrus, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite (25 cl.) 30 kr.
Water, per person 10 kr.
Wines Glass Bottle
Red wine, French. Louis Invino, Merlot. Vin de Pays d’Oc 55 kr. 185 kr.
Red wine, French. Château de Ruth Grande Sélection, Côtes Du Rhône, 2016 75 kr.  250 kr.
White wine, French. Louis Invino, Sauvignon Blanc 55 kr. 185 kr.
White wine, French. La Forge Estate Viognier, 2016. Vin de Pays d’Oc 75 kr. 250 kr.
Green matcha muffin 35 kr.
Dancing Ballerina fragilité 35 kr.
Brownie with sugar picture 35 kr.
Ice cream – a choice of chocolate, caramel, or liquorice 15 kr.
Buttered bun 25 kr.

Additionally to the above, upon request we serve. Please order in advance:

Charcuterie serving 115 kr.
Deer meat sandwich 55 kr.
 Bun with cold meat 45 kr.


Paper Studio

In a digital era, where time is a scarce resource, it is more crucial than ever that we let our imagination and creativity run free. That we nurture the urge to create that lies in all of us, and immerse in something that challenges our imagination and fine motor control.

Our paper studio is a place to do just that. Here, we make room for curiosity, explore paper as a creative material, and stimulate innovation in adults as well as children.

In our paper studio, you can let out your inner paper artist and try your hands at arts and crafts, Danish ‘gaekkebreve’, origami or paper silhouettes – with help and guidance from professionals, of course. Design your own lamp shade, fold a paper plane, build a kite, or make the prettiest invitations, place cards, or paper boxes.

In the shop, you can buy several creative paper projects. See the projects in the peek cabinet by the Studio.

Visitors’ shop

In our shop, you’ll find a wide selection of paper goods, arts and crafts, as well as Bit Vejle’s unique designs.

The assortment includes beautiful handmade note books, interior design, postcards, porcelain tableware with paper décor cut, handmade paper crafts, art, wowen rugs, a big selection of Christmas products, and much, much more.

Looking for a present for that birthday, or for your dinner host – or something for a wedding party, or a confirmation gift? Come find it here.

Our gift shop features beautifully hand-crafted notebooks, postcards, China with paper cuttings, handmade paper, scissors, handicraft, books, a large selection of Christmas products, salted and dried cod (airsealed!), and edible paper – to mention just a few things from our offerings.

Married a year ago? Then it’s time for your paper wedding anniversary! Come visit our shop to enjoy our great selection of beautiful flower decorations for your party. Let us help you celebrate your happiness.

Bit Vejle’s numbered and signed artworks are sold in the shop. A choice of Bit Vejle’s unique paper designs are also on sale on the internet.


You may think you know paper. The thin sheets or fibres that constitute a natural part of our everyday lives: Writing paper. Baking paper. Wrapping paper. Copy paper. But paper is so much more.

When you step into the Centre for Paper Art, a whole new world will unfold before your eyes. A world of sensory perceptions that will change the way you see the fine, white material. Centre for Paper Art is the only art centre in Scandinavia that focuses solely on paper: cut, folded, shaped, ripped, or carved. We invite you to experience impressive and fascinating contemporary paper art, crafts, and design by national and international artists.

A new kind of heartbeat

Stepping into our exhibitions, you will feel time moving a little bit slower. Paper art is the epitome of slow art – for the artist as well as the spectator. So leave time behind for a moment and get lost in captivating works that will make you stop and wonder – a much-welcomed break from a restless, fast-moving, and demanding world. Centre for Paper Art is a haven and a place for peace and reflection. A place where you can enjoy the here and now and just let yourself get carried away.

Paper as a creative material

Paper is a fascinating material, which has played a central role in our society for centuries. The fine sheets of fibres have connected people and cultures for ages, enabling us to write down laws, love poems, and historical events. We have used it to exchange ideas and to communicate, to write letters and contracts. Today most of our communication takes place online, and the role of paper in everyday life has changed significantly. But the diverse material holds a vast potential that goes way beyond its traditional use. Paper also makes for great art – psaligraphy, origami, decoupage, sculpture, and other impressive forms of expression.

Behind the Center

Centre for Paper Art was founded by Bit-Denmark ApS in collaboration with the non-profit Foundation for Psaligraphic Art.

Else Marie Bukdahl, Anne Vilsbøll, and Anni G. Walther

Joensuu Art Museum, Finland, Paparsbruk Museum, Sweden, Centre for Immaterial Cultural Heritage, Norway, and Centre for Paper Art, Denmark.

Our grateful thanks go to everyone who has supported the Centre for Paper Art. Please email us to learn about sponsoring opportunities with the Centre for Paper Art.




If you have any questions, comments or requests, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.

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